The 2012 Stochastic Networks Conference
June 18 - 22, 2012

Venue: 34-101, MIT

The tenth international Conference on Stochastic Networks will be held on June 18-22, 2012, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.

This week-long event continues a tradition that was started in 1987 and that has now become a biennial event. Its aim is to bring together researchers who share an interest in stochastic network models, to survey recent developments, and identify future research directions. As in the past, the meeting will be structured in a workshop format, with approximately twenty hour-long invited talks, and ample free time, so as to maximize interactions between speakers and participants, and to facilitate a fruitful exchange of ideas. In addition, there will be a poster session for contributed papers.

Stochastic networks is a multifaceted area of research dealing with the modeling, stability, control, performance, approximation, and design of stochastic networks. It gives rise to challenging and subtle mathematical problems, whose solution often requires a combination of ideas and techniques from several branches of mathematics, including probability theory, stochastic processes, analysis, optimization, algorithms, combinatorics, and graph theory. Research in this area is strongly motivated by applications in diverse domains, ranging from the traditional areas of telecommunications and manufacturing to service operations, biological and social networks, revenue management, and health care. Like its predecessors, the 2012 Stochastic Networks Conference will emphasize new model structures and new mathematical problems that are motivated by contemporary developments in various application domains, as well as new mathematical methods for stochastic network analysis.

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Conference venue: 34-101 (Ground Floor, Building 34)


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