List of Confirmed Speakers

Rami Atar Technion
Francois Baccelli Ecole Normale Superieure
Jose Blanchet Columbia University
Jennifer Chayes Microsoft Research
Jim Dai Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Glynn Stanford University
Michael Harrison Stanford University
Ramesh Johari Stanford University
Takis Konstantopoulos Uppsala University
Michel Mandjes University of Amsterdam
Laurent Massoulie Technicolor
Balaji Prabhakar Stanford University
Kavita Ramanan Brown University
Josh Reed NYU
Florian Simatos Eindhoven University of Technology
Perla Sousi Cambridge University
R. Srikant UIUC
Jean Walrand UC Berkeley
Adam Wierman Caltech
Ruth Williams University of California San Diego

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems


Sloan School of Management

National Science Foundation

Army Research Office